Generator Hiring
On the bases of customer requirements we provide silent DG sets for hiring purpose up to 1000 KVA for varied consumer and commercial application. The DG sets are perfectly maintained uninterrupted peace of mind and hassle free operation provided on monthly and annual contract basis.We have emerged as major suppliers of Gensets to varied segments of industry such as small to large scale industry including sectors like hospitality, banking, telecom, Technology Park, construction, etc. We provide Brand New & Old CPCB Certified Fuel efficient KIRLOSKAR & CUMMINS DG Sets on HIRE rating from 15 KVA to 1000 KVA.

Power-Gen Chemical Electrode Safe Earthings
PHM Safe Earthing Electrodes creates an optimal electrical connection to earth with a large conductive surface. The earth/electrode interface is further enhanced by conductive backfill and electrolytic salts, ensuring a consistent path to ground. 
The POWER-GEN Safe Earthing Electrode Advantages are :-
Low-Impedance Grounding : The POWER-GEN Safe Earthing Electrode uses advanced engineering to achieve a consistent, low-impedance, electrical connection with the earth, even in unfavorable and varying ground conditions (like permafrost). 
Large surface area : The wider 25/8 inch diameter provides a larger surface area for a better connection to the earth. 
Electrolytic salts : In the presence of moisture, these salts dissolve and seep out of leach holes along the electrode. The salts continually increase the soil’s conductivity, further reducing impedance and resistance. 
Soil augmentation : POWER-GEN Fill is a combination of organic soil materials which optimize the conductivity of the soil around the Earthing Electrode. Increasing the amount of POWER-GEN Fill can decrease the overall system resistance, increasing the system efficiency. 
Maintenance-Free : This is maintenance free Earthing., no need of extra water pouring at regular interval as in conventional Earthing, because it retains the moisture. Consistency : Continuously maintains the same (approx) earth resistance value over time regardless of soil and climate conditions. Unlike a standard copper plate/rod, the stability of the Safe Earthing Electrode will remain constant over the life span of the plate/rod, and the resistance of the electrode is less affected by adverse climatic conditions. Adequate galvanization, Highly conductive, No corrosion, eco-friendly and a long and reliable life (Fit and Forget)