Cummins Pulse Ultra Lite Generator Battery

  • Every Start Pulse Lite
  • Zero Maintenance Genset Battery


Pulse lite, Zero maintenance genset battery has been specially designed for engine starting in a generator set. It incorporates the pure lead- tin thin plate (PLT) technology, which is best suited for engine starting in any environment and conditions. It is a feature packed product and has the highest energy density as compared to any other lead acid technology, resulting in achieving excellent cranking every time. Its maintenance free VRLA design requires no topping up or specific gravity checks. It is compact, light weight and factory charged, making it a truly maintenance free battery.

Features & Benefits:

Maintenance Free:

No Battery topping up or specific gravity checks No spillage of battery acid

Ready to use:

  • Compact & light weight for easy handling
  • Filled &factory charged battery

Shelf Life:

Provides extended storage capability while maintaining high state of charge for dependable operation


  • High battery power capability for guaranteed starting
  • Consistent performance throughout battery life and absence of sudden death

Cost effective:

  • No maintenance cost
  • Low cost of ownership over its long lifetime
  • No risk of cost due to failure to start standby genset

Thin Plate Technology:

High Starting current with smaller Ah capacity battery


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