Cummins Pulse Ultra Plus Generator Battery


Cummins Pulse Batteries are India’s largest selling Genset Batteries. Pulse Ultra Lite, Pulse Ultra Plus and Pulse Value Plus batteries have been specially designed for generator starting application. These batteries are unique as they offer a different technology from conventional lead-acid batteries available in the market.

  • Pulse EveryTM Start assured with Cummins Batteries
  • Sealed Maintenance Free Generator Starting System
  • Factory Charged
  • India’s Largest Selling Genset Battery
  • Cummins brings to you Pulse range of batteries specially designed for your Diesel Generators. Ready to use and 24 X 7 onsite battery service support.

Pulse Ultra Plus:

Pulse Ultra Plus batteries are unique SMF Batteries featured with Pure Lead Tin (PLT) and Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) technology which provides a dependable start to your Genset under adverse operating conditions. VRLA technology ensure that your Batteries requires no top up, no specific gravity checks, no spills – leads to no Maintenance. PLT technology provides peak power performance for reliable start Every time. The Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) is a sophisticated battery charger with inbuilt protection for ensuring optimum charging of the batteries and dependable start for Generators in standby mode and enhances life of the Batteries.


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